The Difference...It's in the Expectations....

There are a large quantity of AAU Basketball and similar Club type teams in our area. When deciding the right "fit" to place your son/daughter, a coach, a professional administration and a structured/guided path has to be the core of that decision. Not only is it vital to practice consistently with your team (multiple sessions each week), but added elements of speed and power training, weekly skills training, academic and recruiting assistance to the holistic student-person-player development is crucial.  Our philosophy has led to multiple AAU Division I National and State Championships and a significant quantity of athletes receiving full athletic scholarships at the collegiate level. Be aware of new opportunistic "organizations" that minimize quality practice time, building chemisty within a team element and most important, fail to accentuate the coach/player relationship which is the underlying foundation to a player developing the passion to practice, train and improve.This is a huge differentiator between Team Carolina and the other opportunities in the region.

Team Carolina AAU:
An Unparalleled Plan to Player & Team Development which has led to 2 AAU Division I National Championships & MULTIPLE State Championships!

  • Multiple Team Practices (up to 3x a week)
  • Weekly Skills/Performance Training led by Professional Skills Trainers begin in November (3 months before practices start)
  • Strength, Vertical, Speed and Agility training led by certified Strength trainers
  • Structured Curriculum for each grade level
  • Qualified Coaches committed to your child's development!
  • Teams will play  7-10 Tournaments in the Spring
  • Team Building Activities to impact Team Chemistry and Cohesiveness
  • Special Members only Event Nights with Celebrity NBA Trainers Ganon Baker and Damin Altizer
  • Academic Accountability
  • Recruiting Advisor for NCAA Exposure Team Members
  • Spiritual Growth Opportunity with Sports Missions Outreach
  • Captain Leadership Training for each Team
  • Bi-weekly Parent Education Webinars on topics affecting your child!
  • Spring Season Practices begin in February

Experience NBA Professional Trainers at Weekly Skills Training:
Jonas Richard, Michko Massago, Avie Lester & Randy Jackson

You will have the option to train with Speed, Power, Strength, Vertical and Explosive Professional Trainer Jonas Richard. Coach Richard is regarded as the premier Strength and Conditioning Coach in the region, and has also coached and trained at the collegiate level.


A Guided Process


Our players have a structured curriculum, homework training sheets turned in weekly, a shot club where athletes will chart over 20,000 makes over a season. Players GET BETTER!

Guest Clinicians Monthly - Train with Ganon Baker & Damin Altizer!


Team Carolina brings Celebrity Clinicians to our community to train our players. Our commitment is to provide you with the Best Basketball experience you can have. With that being said, this is exactly why our organization has sought out the two Nationally renowned trainers recognized (Nike sponsored) as the premier skill clinicians in the country. Ganon Baker is recognized as the premier Basketball Trainer to the NBA and he will be at Hoops City in April. Damin Altizer, highly regarded as the premier trainer in the southeast is regularly scheduled to train athletes at Hoops City in March, April, May and June. Ganon Baker, Alan Stein, Aubrey McCreary, Mark Adams, Muggsy Bogues and Dee Brown are all highly respected national clinicians who have impacted our AAU players in past seasons. The difference is in the training, to make the ascension, you have to do more than just play games...




It is an unparalleled advantage having our own facility, where our teams weekly assemble 3x to train in a highly organized guided process. Equipment plays a BIG part of the skill development. The equipment that our players have access to is tremendous. Teams have access to the Noah Shot Analyzer (on 24 hours a day), access to multiple shooting repetition systems, weight training, speed and vertical jump equipment and more!

The use of modern technology allows players to rapidly escalate the improvement and skill development as compared to traditional teaching methods, evidenced by the Virtual Training Academy that each player has with the online account with the 94Fifty Basketball Advanced Development Center.




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